we parted

we parted my dear friend because you were able to express your art

while I was not

our lives done it their way

you chose to breathe

my choice led me astray

our jobs were eating our time

we would met at the times

reviving the memories which stayed behind

you would talk about your art

I could not

once I could, that’s why we bonded I guess

we supported each other so much

until I snapped

chased foolish dream of love I always craved

there, once I dared

and nearly destroyed my self

imprisoning myself

confronted with burden of my nature I can’t ever change

suffering alone I never asked for help

now I wonder

will I ever let you read

why am I so silent

why my soul forever bleeds

you write your poems in the light

while I in dark conspire with the night.

I’m glad you are brave to share your art

I can’t yet speak to you about mine

and that’s the reason we are apart.

there is a hope like a thin ray of light

that I will be able to accept myself and get out in the light

maybe then we will meet again

and freely share our art

as if we never were truly apart.

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