I… It gets hard when it gets personal, but the need to break my silence is overwhelming.

Writing is erasing my anxiety. Sharing is creating a different kind of fear.

I live between two worlds. Quiet in reality and loud alone, typing endless stories I can’t escape. I write prose, fiction, fantasy, romance, science fiction.

I dream about publishing novels, and most likely I will self publish sometime in the future, but editing will be the deal breaker until I learn how to do it.

English in not my mother tongue, but I’m trying to write as much I can in English, because I love it, it resonates with me, although I was never a fan of grammar lessons, just words, many words and chaos I breathe, in and out and can never stop.

I believe this online outlet will be mostly about poetry, but I don’t want to make plans. I will try to let it happen and flow and go wherever it will go.

Thank you for stopping by, for years I was alone in my adventure and I don’t want to be alone no more.

There are too many of us wanting the same, feeling same, it would be such a shame to let it all vanish in vain.